Eastern Caribbean issues rare alerts for rumbling volcanoes

Volcanoes that have been quiet for decades are rumbling to life in the eastern Caribbean, prompting officials to issue alerts in Martinique and St. Vincent and the Grenadines as scientists rush in to study activity they say hasn’t been observed in years. The most recent warning was issued late Tuesday for La Soufriere volcano in […]

What underwater volcanoes can teach us about Saturn’s moon

Astrobiologists study extreme environments on Earth to understand the conditions that sustain life on our planet. Understanding these fundamentals allow astrobiologists to look for similar conditions that could support extraterrestrial life on other planets. One such environment is called a hydrothermal vent. Deep at the bottom of the ocean, hydrothermal vents sit along tectonic plate […]

Drones are flying straight into volcanoes, for life-saving science

With an estimated 300 active volcanoes on Earth, the challenge is how to monitor them all to send out early warnings before they erupt. Measuring volcanic gas emissions is also no easy task. Now researchers have designed specially-adapted drones to help gather data from an active volcano in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The drones could […]

Specially-adapted drones gather data from unexplored volcanoes to better forecast eruptions

IMAGE: Taking a look at the new data soon as the drone returns. Featuring Dr Emma Liu (UCL) and Dr Kieran Wood (University of Bristol), using an Airgraph Aeris gas sensor… view more  Credit: Matthew Wordell Specially-adapted drones developed by an international team have been gathering data from never-before-explored volcanoes that will enable local communities to […]