New chemistry for controlling the volume of liquid in volumetric additive manufacturing

Xolography 3D printing technology. a, Rendered illustration of the printing zone and associated photoinduced reaction pathways of the DCPI. b, Absorbance spectrum of DCPI in resin 1 under dark conditions (grey) and 375 nm UV irradiation (blue). c, Photoswitching kinetics probed at 585 nm: generation of the DCPI active state during 375 nm UV irradiation at 1.5 mW cm−2 for […]

A new resin expands the scope of volumetric printing

A new light-sensitive polymer resin gives researchers more control over 3D-printed objects. Since its inception in the early 1980s, 3D printing technology has emerged as a futuristic and revolutionary means of manufacturing. Among the many innovations is a technique called volumetric additive printing, in which an entire 3D object is is solidified from a photosensitive […]