Voyager mission finds a new type of electron burst at the edge of our solar system

The Voyager probes left our Solar System years ago, yet even as they travel through interstellar space, they are still detecting bursts of cosmic rays from our Sun, more than 23 billion kilometers (14 billion miles) away. A detailed analysis of recent data from both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 has now revealed the first bursts […]

Voyager spacecraft detect new type of solar electron burst

IMAGE: The Voyager spacecraft continue to make discoveries even as they travel through interstellar space. In a new study, University of Iowa physicists report on the Voyagers’ detection of cosmic ray… view more  Credit: NASA/JPL More than 40 years since they launched, the Voyager spacecraft are still making discoveries. In a new study, a team of […]

NASA finally makes contact with Voyager 2 after longest radio silence in 30 years

There’s never been a radio silence quite like this one. After long months with no way of making contact with Voyager 2, NASA has finally reestablished communications with the record-setting interstellar spacecraft. The breakdown in communications – lasting since March, almost eight months and a whole pandemic ago – wasn’t due to some rogue malfunction, nor any […]