Best winter hats: Comfortable hats to keep you warm

Don’t fear the cold when you’ve got one of these warm winter hats on. (Roxane Clediere via Unsplash /) Winter is perpetually coming, which is why there is never a bad time to stock up on luxuriously warm winter hats. Though the notion that we lose half our body heat through the head might be […]

Eating omega-3 fat helps hibernating Arctic ground squirrels warm up during deep cold

Two wild arctic ground squirrels touch noses in the northern Brooks Range during summer. Credit: Rhiannan William By feeding arctic ground squirrels special diets, researchers have found that omega-3 fatty acids, common in flax seed and fish oil, help keep the animals warmer in deep hibernation. A University of Alaska Fairbanks-led study fed ground squirrels […]

Future too warm for baby sharks

In warmer waters, shark embryos grew faster and used their yolk sac quicker, which is their only source of food as they develop in the egg case. This led to them hatching earlier than usual. Credit: M. Johnson New research has found as climate change causes the world’s oceans to warm, baby sharks are born […]

Earmuffs and knit bands that will absolutely keep your heads warm

Items that keep you warm. (Jennifer Griffin via Unsplash/) When it comes to keeping your head warm, the most important area to protect is your ears. Earmuffs are a classic trick for keeping you feeling warm and protected without a big messy hat, with minimal damage done to your hairstyle. Knit bands offer similar protection […]

Giant pandas may roll in horse poop to feel warm

It was a strange sight: In the winter of 2007, scientists in China spotted a wild giant panda romping about in horse manure, diligently smearing itself with excrement until its fur became a poo-muddled mess. It wasn’t the last time the researchers would spot this strange behavior. But figuring out why pandas do this would […]

Warm pasta helps hot, angry neutron stars cool down

Neutron stars are the angry ghosts of giant stars: hot, whirling cores of exotic matter left behind after supernovas. Like thermoses filled with hot noodle soup, it takes eons for them to cool down. But now, researchers think they know how these stars do it: with a giant helping of pasta. No, these ultradense stellar […]

Traces of Impacts on Warm Planetesimals Early in Solar System

The early solar system was a violent place dominated by collisions of newly formed bodies. These newly formed bodies were heated by powerful but short-lived radioactive decay of now-extinct isotopes like 26Al. Insight about these early times comes mainly from the study of primitive ancient meteorites. However, few of them have survived to […]