Study finds growing numbers of critically endangered sawfish in Miami waters

Figure 3 from the paper: (A) Photograph taken by W. A. Fishbaugh in the 1920s, recorded as taken in Miami (courtesy of State Library & Archives of Florida, Florida: (B) Photograph taken by 2 national park rangers in Biscayne Bay National Park near Elliott Key on 23 November 2018, showing a smalltooth sawfish entangled […]

A surprisingly tiny ancient sea monster lurked in shallow waters

Around 240 million years ago, large reptiles called nothosaurs ruled the seas. These now-extinct sea monsters grew roughly five meters long or longer and flicked their long tails to speed through the water, chasing down fish. Now researchers have found fossils of a type of mini nothosaur with features that suggest the creature lived a […]

How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Not far from Santa Catalina Island, in an ocean shared by divers and fishermen, kelp forests and whales, David Valentine decoded unusual signals underwater that gave him chills. The University of California, Santa Barbara scientist was supposed to be studying methane seeps that day, but with a deep-sea robot on loan […]