Animals are finding surprising ways to adapt to rising temperatures

A third of the world’s species could go extinct in 50 years due to climate change’s increased temperatures, researchers from the University of Arizona have found. (Alex Strachan from Pixabay/) At this point, the science is clear that sooner than later, we’ll have to say goodbye to a lot of animals and plant species around […]

Simple, no-cost ways to help the public care for the commons

Researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison, New York Institute of Technology, University of Iowa, and Cornell University published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines whether it is possible to make people feel as if the property is theirs–a feeling known as psychological ownership–and how this affects their stewardship behaviors. The study, forthcoming […]

The best ways to stop a mask from fogging up your glasses, ranked

Yep. I hate it. (Sandra Gutierrez G. /) There’s no question that glasses are amazing. They’re simple pieces of engineering that solve sometimes complex problems affecting human eyes, allowing wearers to take in the beauty of the natural world. But glasses can also be annoying—especially when the lenses fog up while you’re wearing a mask. […]

Preclinical studies demonstrate new ways to stop bleeding

A new blood-derived embolic material with regenerative properties stops bleeding instantly, even in cases of impaired coagulation. Uncontrolled bleeding is an emergency for patients taking drugs that prevent their blood from clotting. For some, standard interventions work, such as inserting metal coils above the area that’s bleeding. For others, the situation is more complicated. “I […]

All the ways the 2020 election has influenced science policy so far

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Five ways to go back in time on the internet

When you’re determined to find something, these tools will make it easier. (Daniel Lim/Unsplash/) The World Wide Web has been up and running since the early 1990s, and countless amounts of text, images, video, and audio have been uploaded since then. Run a web search today though, and it’ll serve you the newest pages first. […]

Wood filters, hot rocks, and seven other ways to purify water in the wild

A method for every occasion and level of emergency. (Tim MacWelch/) This story was originally featured on Outdoor Life. One of the top survival priorities in an emergency is to find and disinfect enough drinking water to supply your needs. Whether your crisis situation is unfolding in the desert after becoming lost or in your […]

7 ways the election will shape the future of science, health and the environment

When all the votes are cast and counted in this year’s momentous November 3 election, the results will have deep and potentially long-lasting impacts on numerous areas of society, including science. President Donald Trump and his challenger, former vice president Joe Biden, have presented vastly different visions for handling crucial issues—ranging from the deadly coronavirus pandemic to […]

The Milky Way’s quiet, introverted monster won’t spin

There’s a beast hiding at the center of the Milky Way, and it’s barely moving. This supermassive black hole, Sagittarius A* (SgrA*), has a mass 4.15 million times that of our sun. It first revealed itself to scientists as a mysterious source of radio waves from the galaxy’s center back in 1931; but it wasn’t […]