Bacterium produces pharmaceutical all-purpose weapon

IMAGE: From left: Dr. René Richarz with an agar plate containing the bacterium, Cornelia Hermes with an extract obtained from the bacterium, and working group leader Dr. Max Crüsemann. A coralberry… view more  Credit: © AG Crüsemann / University of Bonn For some years, an active substance from the leaves of an ornamental plant has been […]

With COVID exacerbating superbug threat, researchers ID new weapon

IMAGE: Corrie Detweiler in the lab at CU Boulder. view more  Credit: CU Boulder As scientists around the globe wage war against a novel, deadly virus, one University of Colorado Boulder lab is working on new weapons to battle a different microbial threat: a rising tide of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which, if left unchecked, could kill an […]

Llama nanobodies could be a powerful weapon against COVID-19 — ScienceDaily

Today in Science, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine describe a new method to extract tiny but extremely powerful SARS-CoV-2 antibody fragments from llamas, which could be fashioned into inhalable therapeutics with the potential to prevent and treat COVID-19. These special llama antibodies, called “nanobodies,” are much smaller than human antibodies and […]