Older minority cancer patients have worse surgery outcomes than similar white patients

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Older minority cancer patients with poor social determinants of health are significantly more likely to experience negative surgical outcomes compared to white patients with similar risk factors, according to a new study published by researchers at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. […]

Why is snow white? | Live Science

Imagine waking up after a night of heavy snowfall — you look out the window and see a world of white. But if you turn on a faucet or open the freezer, you’ll notice that liquid water and ice usually appear clear. So, why is snow white? When it comes to understanding how H2O, an […]

How could two orange tigers produce a white cub?

A rare white tiger cub was born at a zoo in Nicaragua just over a week ago and is being raised by humans after its mother rejected it, AFP news agency reported.  The cub, named Nieve (“snow” in Spanish), is white, but both of its parents are orange Bengal tigers from India. So how did […]

Rare white tiger born at Nicaragua zoo

Marina Arguello takes care of a newborn female white tiger named Snow at the National Zoo in Masaya, Nicaragua, on January 5, 2021. A rare white tiger, named “Nieve” (snow in Spanish) was born at the Nicaragua zoo, and is being raised by humans after its mother rejected it, the director of the zoo told […]

Observations shed more light on the atmosphere of white dwarf GD 424

Average spectrum of the white dwarf GD 424 obtained with WHT/ISIS on August 26, 2017. Credit: Izquierdo et al., 2020. Astronomers have performed spectroscopic observations of a newly detected white dwarf star known as GD 424. Results of the observational campaign provide more insights into the atmosphere of this object. The study was presented in […]

Molecule holds promise to reprogram white blood cells for better cancer treatment

IMAGE: Pictured L-R: Caitlin Brandle, research assistant, Dr. Gang Zhou, Timothy Kim, undergraduate student, Nada S. Aboelella, PhD, graduate student, Dr. Zhi-Chun Ding, assistant professor view more  Credit: Kim Ratliff, AU photographer Cancer immunotherapy using “designer” immune cells has revolutionized cancer treatment in recent years. In this type of therapy, T cells, a type of white […]

Once hospitalized, Black patients with COVID-19 have lower risk of death than white

While multiple research studies show that Black and Hispanic patients are more likely to test positive for COVID-19, a team of investigators at NYU Langone Health has found that once hospitalized, Black patients (after controlling for other serious health conditions and neighborhood income) were less likely to have severe illness, die, or be discharged to […]