How to completely customize the way you control Windows

You thought these guys were your only options to control Windows? Think again. (Guillaume Issaly/Unsplash/) Just because you’ve always used your keyboard and your mouse to interact with your Windows computer, it doesn’t mean this is necessarily the best way to get stuff done. Microsoft’s OS provides a host of options when it comes to […]

‘Windows of opportunity’ crucial for cutting Chesapeake nutrient, sediment loads

Researchers analyzed eight years of data from 108 sites in the Chesapeake Bay Program’s nontidal monitoring network, looking at daily-scale records of flow and corresponding loads of nitrogen, phosphorus and suspended sediment. Credit: Heather Preisendanz research group/Penn State The vast majority of nutrients and sediment washed into streams flowing into the Chesapeake Bay are picked […]

Become a Windows whiz by creating your own keyboard shortcuts

That’s the look of someone who knows how to program shortcuts. (Oluwatobi Fasipe/Unsplash/) Knowing the right keyboard shortcuts can make a big difference in how quickly you can get stuff done—and if the hotkeys you need aren’t available, it’s not difficult to create your own. Whether you need to launch a specific application regularly, have […]