Bose built a new kind of workout earbud to keep you safe while you sweat

They’re not as small as other wireless earbuds on the market. (Bose /) Music is a wonderful motivator when you’re running or biking around town. But, packing your ears full of earbuds and blocking out the outside world is a good way to get yourself mashed by a vehicle you never heard coming. Bose hopes […]

This new workout watch can tell when you switch activities

The timepiece features “touchless transitions” when in triathlon mode. (Wahoo /) As the name implies, a triathlon is made up of three activities: swimming, biking, and running. But to test out a slick new sports watch from Wahoo that focuses on triathlon tracking, I faced a few key challenges. The first is that I live […]

NordicTrack’s connected workout bike puts the focus on competing against yourself

I can assure you that I did not look anything like this while riding the S22i. (NordicTrack/) The pandemic has made going to the gym complicated. Uncertainty about safety regulations and tenuous reopenings have caused at-home exercise equipment to surge in popularity in the U.S., even as we approach the historically calorie-dense holiday season. And […]