There’s a right and wrong way to be bored

Boredom is universal. (Deposit Photos/) If you’re reading this, you’re probably stressed. Never fear: We’ve dug through the evidence to reveal what science really says about finding zen—and holding onto it through tough times. Want to try meditation? Take better baths? Stop anxiety in its tracks? Welcome to Calm Month. Boredom isn’t fun. It shouldn’t […]

What pandemic messaging around changing holiday rituals gets wrong

In the midst of the raging coronavirus pandemic, we’re faced with agonizing decisions about whether to forgo treasured holiday rituals. Many people have defied health officials, putting themselves at risk of contracting COVID-19 or spreading the disease in order to uphold their family traditions in person. A new paper by two researchers at UC Berkeley’s […]

Righting a wrong, nuclear physicists improve precision of neutrino studies

At the University of Notre Dame, part of the Oak Ridge Deuterated Spectroscopic Array measured a reaction that causes noise in some neutrino detectors. Credit: Michael Febbraro/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy Led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a new study clears up a discrepancy regarding the biggest contributor of unwanted background […]

Kids’ TV teaching children wrong lessons about pain — ScienceDaily

Children engrossed in popular kids’ TV programmes such as Peppa Pig, or films like Toy Story or Frozen, are exposed to up to nine incidents of pain for every hour of TV watched, according to new research from psychologists. A new study — published today [Wednesday 2 December 2020] in the international journal Pain from […]

Astronomers claimed this galaxy was made up of 98% dark matter. They were wrong

Back in 2016, researchers claimed to have found a galaxy made almost completely of dark matter and almost no stars. Now, on closer examination, that claim has fallen apart. The galaxy, Dragonfly 44 (DF44), belongs to a class of mysterious objects known as ultra-diffuse galaxies or UDGs. Researchers have debated since the 1980s whether these […]