The best Black Friday phone deals: The best early deals on iPhones, flip phones (yes, flip phones), and more

The best Black Friday phone deals: The best early deals on iPhones, flip phones (yes, flip phones), and more

These Black Friday phone savings are just a click away.

These Black Friday phone savings are just a click away. (Nathana Rebouças via Unsplash/)

Communication and connection are key to survival right now, more than ever. So there’s really no better time for a brand new phone! The best Black Friday phone deals are in, and they landed weeks before November 27 this year. Major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon are running deals on a variety of phones, from Apple to Android, to flip phones and Jitterbugs for the simpler communicators on your gift list. We’re keeping a running list of them here.

If you don’t find your perfect gift below, bookmark this page and check back with us. We’re doing regular updates on the best Black Friday phone deals until all the sales are over.

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The Best Black Friday phone and accessory deals 2020

Tada! We’ve got the best Black Friday phone and accessories deals available right now. Don’t wait—some of these are going to sell out fast.

UNLOCKED MOTOROLA EDGE—SAVE $300. This 2020 Motorola Edge features a vibrant wraparound 6.7 inch OLED display, ideal for streaming or editing the pictures you take with the 64MP triple camera system. 6GB RAM and 256GB storage means you’re set for all the texts, memes and videos to come. At this price, there’s no way it’s sticking around for long.

iPhone 12—SAVE UP TO $800 with trade in. Chances are, you may have heard about the new iPhone 12. It boasts 5G speed, a full screen OLED display, and Night mode on every camera, including wide angle, so you can avoid using flash when you’re out. If you prefer your screens on the diminutive side, pick up the iPhone 12 Mini instead. At 5.4 inches, it’s snug enough to fit comfortably in your palm, no thumb stretches required.

OTTERBOX HEAVY DUTY PHONE CASE—SAVE $25. Are you as clumsy as we are? Get you an Otterbox, stat. The raised edges protect your iPhone screen even if it falls face first, and port covers keep dust from wriggling into your phone and clogging up the power jack. Matte rubber feels comfortable and won’t slip, even as you’re carrying a million things at once (but again, if it falls, you’re covered).

LIVELY FLIP PHONE FOR SENIORS—SAVE $50. Maybe your mom doesn’t need FaceTime, Instagram, Twitter or Tinder (although who’s to say?). If that’s the case, this GreatCall Lively Flip Phone, in cherry red or classic grey, might just be the buy for her. An easy-to-read interface shows the date and time at a glance, and it even connects to Amazon Alexa to get the weather. In case of emergency, the phone features a dedicated “Urgent Response” button. Some packages allow your loved one to call a caretaker or medical professional with no appointment or co-pay necessary.

SAMSUNG FAST CHARGE WIRELESS CHARGING STAND—SAVE $20. Never get caught at 10% battery with no hope of getting home before your phone goes kaputt with this Samsung wireless charging stand. Compatible with a range of Samsung Galaxy phones and even select iPhone models, it features a built-in fan to speed up charging time and keep your battery running cool. Having this on hand will show who’s the most responsible in the friend group, once and for all.

JITTERBUG PREPAID—SAVE $75. Maybe your dad wants to ditch the flip phone, but avoid the extras that come with an iPhone. This prepaid smartphone from Jitterbug comes equipped with an easy-to-read interface that is, frankly, massive, and features a front-facing speaker so your father or grandparents won’t ask you to repeat yourself 17 times on any given phone call. This one also comes equipped with an Urgent Response button with select packages.

UNLOCKED MOTO G POWER PHONE—SAVE $70. Have you ever wondered what would happen if (God forbid) you were stranded without a phone charger for three days? Well, if you had the Moto G Power on hand, you really wouldn’t have to worry. A 5,000 mAH battery means this baby can last a full three days on a single charge—and the rest of the specs aren’t too shabby, either. Dual stereo speakers and a 16 MP triple camera system are both features to boast about.

SPECK PHONE HOLDER—50 PERCENT OFF. Keep your phone from slipping out of your grasp again with the Speck Phone Holder, available in a far-out galaxy print or a cutesy floral. This is also a great gift for kids with new phones, if you want to keep those screens from face-planting.

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