The best Cyber Monday deals 2020: The best early deals at Best Buy, Target, Samsung, and more

The best Cyber Monday deals 2020: The best early deals at Best Buy, Target, Samsung, and more

Super savings you can get all the way to Cyber Monday.

Super savings you can get all the way to Cyber Monday. (Jonas Leupe via Unsplash/)

Cyber Monday has actually produced more sales than it’s better-known ancestor, Black Friday, in recent years. With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to many closed or reduced-capacity stores, retailers are moving more than ever into the online space. In 2020, things are weird in many much bigger ways, but one small weirdness is that it’s difficult to tell when Black Friday stops and Cyber Monday begins. Even the dates don’t mean as much as they used to. Luckily, you don’t really have to worry about it—just know that November is jam-packed with good deals on electronics, home goods, appliances, DIY, and a whole lot more.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday as a concept dates back to the early 2000s, when retail experts noticed that the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving was a major shopping day online. This was seen at the time as an interesting new trend: people shopping online, as a whole, was sort of an interesting new trend, too. In 2005, a blog post from officially named the day “Cyber Monday,” and it’s only grown in popularity since then.

When is Cyber Monday 2020?

Cyber Monday falls this year on November 30th. You can certainly expect to see deals then, and many retailers will have specials ready to go for what they hope will be a huge shopping day. But in reality, there will be many great deals before the 30th, too. And we’ve got them for you right here.

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The best Cyber Monday deals

Starting a few weeks before Cyber Monday, retailers began posting sales—some big, some small. We have cherry picked the best ones for you and will be updating this page regularly as more deals drop. Bookmark us and check back!

SAMSUNG LAPTOP—SAVE $400. The Galaxy Book Ion is a reminder that, while Samsung makes all kinds of stuff, they also make some of the best displays on the market. This ultraportable, thin, light laptop includes a super-vivid QLED screen, fast charging, and a fingerprint scanner.

SAMSUNG SMART WATCH—SAVE $260 with trade-in. The Galaxy Watch 3 packs in every fitness and health tracker you could want in a smartwatch: heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level, and it can even take an ECG. There’s a sleep tracker, you can use it as a mobile wallet, you can receive and answer text messages with it, and much more. If you’re an Android user looking for a smartwatch, take a look here.

SAMSUNG HOME APPLIANCES—UP TO 35 PERCENT OFF. Samsung doesn’t just make phones; they also make some really nice, high-tech home appliances. If you’re in the market for a new washer and/or dryer, you should check out their offerings, which come with self-cleaning technology and easy pairing with a smartphone. For something more luxurious, look into the AirDresser, a steamer, deodorizer, and dehumidifier. Heading over to the kitchen, Samsung is offering around 35 percent off ranges, like the Slide-In with Air-Fry, which includes a smartphone app, voice control, and a gigantic air fryer, in case you want to see if a whole suckling pig will air-fry. (Let us know if you try that.)

HISENSE TVs—SAVE UP TO $300 AT BEST BUY. Hisense isn’t as well known as some other brands, but they make TVs for many other companies to put their names on, including big brands like Toshiba, so you can be assured that their stuff is good quality. The 50-inch H65 G model is on sale at $299.99, which is $50 off—a great option for a first TV or guest room. For a gigantic TV, the 85-inch model is $300 off, at $1,399.99. If you want to upgrade, Hisense’s higher-end H0G starts at $699.99 for the 55-inch model ($50 off) or $949.99 for the 65-inch option. You’ll be getting a great 4K screen with these models, complete with Android TV as a top-tier operating system with tons of apps like Netflix and Hulu and compatibility with voice control.

ALTEC PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER—$50. You wouldn’t believe what kinds of situations the Altec Lansing Jacket H20 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker can handle. It’s waterproof and even floats, so you can literally bring it into the pool. It’s shockproof, so don’t worry about it breaking if you drop it. And it has an extra-long battery life and a 100-foot Bluetooth range, so your phone can be comfortably dry while you (and the speaker) take a dip.

LUXURY EASY-PUMP AIR MATTRESS—$58. Air mattresses are a near-essential item during the holiday season—friends and family always need a place to sleep, and not all of us have a well-appointed guest room. But you don’t need to spend a boatload on something you’ll only use a few times a year. Check out the Intex Queen 15″ Dura-Beam Dream Lux Airbed Mattress with Built-in Pump. It’s 15 inches off the ground, which removes that whole “camping on your uncle’s floor” feeling, and includes an electric pump. You can save $10 by opting for the twin size, but we think upgrading to the queen is worth it.

RETRO RECORD PLAYER—$45. There’s just something about putting a record on—a real record, not a Spotify playlist. The Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Stereo Turntable is a blend of vintage and modern, with a suitcase-inspired look but Bluetooth speakers also included. You don’t have to use the built-in speakers; with a headphone jack and classic RCA-out, you can plug this turntable into just about any speaker you have.

HOT AND COLD WATER DISPENSER—$149. The Primo Bottom Loading Hot/Cold Water Dispenser is a great way to ensure delicious, clean water, whether you want it icy cold or steaming hot. It includes a child-resistant safety switch for the hot water, to keep small hands from being scalded, and the drip tray is dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance.

WIRELESS EARPHONES—$20. Corded headphones are the past—many new phones don’t even include a headphone jack. And we get it, because wireless earbuds are awfully convenient, especially for avoiding tangling while exercising. For an affordable entry point, check out the onn. True Wireless Earphones. These waterproof earbuds pack a four-hour playtime, can be charged by and within the little case, and also include multiple sizes of silicone tips to ensure they fit perfectly in your ear.

ROBOT VACUUM—$299. The Shark IQ Robot® Vacuum R100, Wi-Fi Connected, Home Mapping (RV1000) features some pretty insane robotic technology. It’ll map your entire house so it knows where your furniture is, which also allows you to pick and choose which rooms you want the little guy to clean. You can schedule cleanings either with the smartphone app or by speaking it out loud to an Amazon Alexa device, and it’ll never die: when the battery runs low, it’ll automatically head back to its charging station to repower.

How to find the best Cyber Monday deals

Finding Cyber Monday deals isn’t difficult; matter of fact, you may have trouble avoiding them this year. But just finding them isn’t enough: you want to make sure that amazing deal actually is amazing, and that the product itself is worth buying. Here are some tips.

  • Bookmark this page! Check back often, because we’ll be updating this page regularly as we find more products. We simply love to help.
  • Join Honey: A simple extension for all of the popular web browsers, Honey will automatically search through hundreds of thousands of coupon codes whenever you head to the checkout page of an online retailer. Then it’ll systematically try each one, and often you’ll find one that works.
  • Check Google Shopping: Google Shopping is a convenient tool for checking what the regular, non-Cyber-Monday price of an item is. Sometimes a retailer might say a product is on a big sale, but a simple Google Shopping search will show you that it’s available at that price regularly—so no rush.
  • Keepa extension: Amazon is chock full of data, but it’s not always visible. Keepa shows you a lot of in-depth stuff, including prices over time, and allows you to set alerts so you don’t miss a short-lived deal.
  • Check <a href=”” target=_blank></a>: Another Amazon tool, CamelCamelCamel is a repository of tons of Amazon deals and data.
  • Don’t ignore curbside pickup: Shipping costs can be exorbitant, especially if you need it right away. But many big online retailers, like Target and Walmart, will allow you to pick up your purchases for free, safely, from the curb.
  • Do your research: Amazon reviews can be both useful and misleading; look to <a href=””>professional reviews</a> for an expert take from those who know everything about the category. Not every deal is attached to a great product!
  • Don’t forget YouTube: If you’re curious about how a product actually looks in person, check out YouTube—it’s secretly a great source of reviews of products from people who have bought them.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday deals and sales

Amazon Cyber Monday deals: What more can be said about Amazon? It has the largest inventory of any online retailer, and often boasts the best prices. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll get free expedited shipping, too. It’s a great first place to look, and there’s a wide array of hourly, daily, and weekly sales.

Walmart Cyber Monday deals: Walmart is posting deals steadily throughout the next two weeks, but they’re also doing a big Cyber Monday rollout on…well, on Cyber Monday itself. Walmart is great for local pickup, too.

Target Cyber Monday deals: Target is dropping sales during the whole month of November on its website. One of its best features this holiday shopping season is a Price Match Guarantee, which allows customers to get some money back if prices drop within two weeks after a Target purchase.

Best Buy Cyber Monday deals: At the venerable electronics retailer, Cyber Monday actually starts on Sunday; we’ll let it slide. Best Buy also has become notorious for lines during Black Friday, so shopping online is a great way to avoid the crowds.

Home Depot Black Friday deals: Whether you’re shopping for dad or just for around the house, Home Depot is a great option for tools, appliances, home decor, garden supplies, and holiday gear like Christmas lights. Their sale will start on Cyber Monday itself, but the site will have deals before then.

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