The best gifts for science nerds and geeks

What’s the perfect gift for your favorite science geek? Do they need a levitating moon lamp? A galaxy blanket? Maybe a bracelet of the periodic table? And don’t forget that fashionable nerds can never have too many science themed socks or t-shirts.

Disney+ would be a great gift for that person who seems to have everything. This package includes Pixar adventures, Marvel epics, Star Wars sagas, National Geographic explorations and more: Sign up for Disney Plus today.

Our sister publication, How It Works, could be the perfect gift for the science enthusiast in your life. The magazine, which also comes in digital form, breaks down all the amazing science and tech in the world, with clear and fun illustrations and interviews. Check out the holiday deal on subscriptions.View Deal

Oculus Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One VR Headset – 256 GB: $399 at Amazon

If you’re looking to spend more money, give your partner or good friend the gift of VR. The Oculus Quest 2 is an expensive gift, but it’s also the coolest VR gaming available. It’s totally wireless; you don’t even need your own headphones, as it comes packing positional speakers. And there are hundreds of science-y games and experiences to choose from, many of which are free.View Deal

Atom socks: $9.95 at Amazon

What chemistry nerd doesn’t love a good atom pun? Lavely’s colorful, funny, comfortable socks are a great gift for science nerds who like to put their feet up.View Deal

Chemistry Shot Glasses: $19.99 at Amazon

All alcohol tastes best from a beaker. This set includes four shot glasses, two in the shape of beakers, one shaped like a conical erlenmeyer flask, and one like a round Florence flask. Each shot glass holds about one ounce of liquid. View Deal

Decodyne Math Wall Clock: $19.95 at Amazon

The math nerds in your life will go nuts over this clock that doesn’t simply tell the time, but asks you to calculate it. Each position on the clock is filled with a simple (or not so simple) math equation. View Deal

Cell Division Mitosis Art: $20 at Amazon

For the biology nerd who likes tasteful decor, this gold foil art depicting mitosis is perfect. You can hang this classy depiction of how cells divide in any room to tie in your love of science with your carefully designed space. View Deal

Solar Powered Robotics Kit: $25.99 $20.79 at Amazon

Create-your-own robots will always be a hit. And this one uses the power of the sun to roam around, meaning that it lets kids learn about energy conversion in addition to the engineering skills it takes to put a robot together.View Deal

“Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World” – $10.45 at Amazon

Read fascinating profiles of 50 pioneering women who transformed STEM — the fields of science, technology, engineering and math — and who fearlessly blazed a trail for generations to come. Written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky.View Deal

Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game: $49.99 $34.15 at Amazon

Visit the interior of a human cell and direct the cellular action in this tabletop strategy game! Collect resources such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and DNA, and build enzymes, hormones, and receptors to score health points.View Deal

Periodic Table of Elements Cuff: $19.50 at Amazon

Keep the names of all the elements close at hand with this elegant, adjustable aluminum wrist cuff displaying the periodic table. The table is printed with waterproof ink and the cuff measures 6.6 inches (16.7 cm) wide.View Deal

Caffeine Beaker Mug: $12.00 at Amazon

Enjoy your coffee, tea or cola in a clear glass mug decorated with an illustration of a caffeine molecule. Holds 0.8 pints (400 ml) of hot or cold liquids (with or without caffeine).View Deal

Pi Tie: $24.95 at Amazon

You might not be able to count all the numbers in pi — an irrational and never-ending mathematical constant — but you can wear its symbol printed on a blue background on this jaunty microfiber tie. It measures 58 inches (147 cm) long and is 3.25 inches (8.25 cm) wide.View Deal

2021 This Day in Science Boxed Calendar: $12.28 at Amazon

Celebrate science every day with this boxed calendar, packed with gorgeous images and daily facts about scientific discoveries and achievements — from deep inside Earth to our solar system and beyond.View Deal

Fat Cat Galaxy Area Rug: $19.49 at Amazon

Ponder the mysteries of the universe while gazing down at this area rug, featuring a cubby cat pictured against the backdrop of a spiral galaxy. Available in two sizes: 3’x2′ and 6’x4′ (for $46.50).View Deal

Tardigrade Slippers: $24.99 at Amazon

Adorable tardigrades (also known as water bears) are capable of surviving extreme conditions, such as boiling heat, freezing cold and the vacuum of space. They’re also microscopic. But these plush tardigrades are big enough to keep your feet toasty warm. View Deal

Insect Collection Shirt: $19.99 at Amazon

Vintage-style natural history illustrations of a collection of beetles decorate a shirt that will please any insect-lover or entomologist.View Deal

“Nerve: Adventures in the Science of Fear”

Award-winning journalist Eva Holland takes a personal journey through the science of fear in her new book. “Nerve” is equal parts a memoir of Holland facing her own fears — the death of her mother and a gripping phobia of heights — and a scientific exploration of the neuroscience underlying fear. Holland’s adventures shed light on questions we all have: Why do we experience fear? And how can we overcome it?

Price: $12.77 hardcoverView Deal

Authentic Meteorite Pendant Necklace

How about a necklace that’s out of this world? This pendant is a piece of an actual meteorite from Campo Del Cielo, Argentina; it weighs about 0.2 ounces (7 grams) and is packaged in a handcrafted wooden box.

Price: $19.95View Deal

Hooded Galaxy Blanket

Wrap yourself in a colorful nebula — an interstellar cloud of dust and gas — with this cozy hooded blanket. Interior is plush-lined, and the blanket measures 80 inches (203 cm) wide and 60 inches (152 cm) tall.

Price: $45.99View Deal

Levitating Moon Lamp

A 3D-printed moon model displays the textures and features of the lunar surface, based on high-resolution astronomical data. Magnets create a levitation effect, allowing the illuminated globe produces light while suspended above a wooden platform.

Price: $109.99View Deal

Circuit Board Tie

Dress up your favorite computer geek with this microfiber tie, printed with a circuit-board pattern. The tie measures 58 inches (147 cm) long and 3.25 inches (8.25 cm) wide.

Price: $26.95, down from $29.95 listing priceView Deal

“Cats Are a Liquid”

Are cats a liquid or a solid? Their uncanny ability to pour their bodies into containers in a variety of shapes suggests that even though cats are technically solid, they exhibit some physical properties of a liquid. This entertaining book, written by Rebecca Donnelly and illustrated by Misa Saburi, explores a legitimate (and fascinating) scientific question about our feline friends.

Price: $15.44 hardcoverView Deal

Dinosaur ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ – Men’s

This dinosaur-decorated Christmas sweater is so ugly, you can’t help but love it. Perfect for paleontologists or anyone who loves dinosaurs (and theropods like T. rex), the sweater is soft, cozy and 100% cotton.

Price: $25.23-$39.60View Deal

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer

Your burgeoning astronaut, or astrophysicist, will love this 3-in-1 Lego creation: They can build a Space Shuttle with an opening payload bay, a robotic arm, a satellite with fold-out wings and a minifigure cockpit (set includes the minifigure astronaut). For more fun, your child can rebuild this kit into a Moon Station or a Space Rover with a drilling arm. (Suggested ages: 7 to 12)

Price: $55.84View Deal


Even if you faint at the sight of blood, you can surely handle these fuzzy blood cells. And perhaps, you’ll grow to adore your plasma, platelets and all the glorious cells pulsing through your veins. This plushy set includes: a red blood cell, white blood cell, plasma, platelet and antibody.

Price: $21.95View Deal

Petit Collage Magnetic Play Scene, Outer Space

Your aspiring scientist or imaginative child can keep their hands and brain busy decorating a scene in outer space or the inside of a space station! Designed for ages 3 and up, this magnetic play-place includes 54 pieces crafted from recycled materials and printed with vegetable inks.

Price: $25.00 View Deal

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