The Future of Hiring in Life Sciences

The Future of Hiring in Life Sciences

The life sciences sector is constantly fluctuating and adapting. New technologies, advanced products and changing regulatory requirements have led to both pharmaceutical giants and start-up companies having to continuously innovate and adapt if they wish to remain competitive in the marketplace. This all adds up to a very exciting time for anyone wishing to work in this industry, since new career opportunities are opening up all the time. Established organizations and new start-ups are increasingly seeking out more professionals to join their teams and to take their businesses to a whole new level of success.

So, what is the future of hiring in the life sciences sector? Let’s take a look at what you can expect over the next few years if you’re a jobseeker in this industry. Whether you’re just beginning your career, or looking for your next move, the latest developments are good news for you.

Smart Technology Bringing About Modernizations

Cutting edge technology and Artificial Intelligence have brough enormous benefits to the life sciences sector. Although just 15% of companies currently use AI, more than 30% are expecting to make investments in it over the year to come, due to the fact that artificial intelligence is able to free up scientists and researchers to focus on more rewarding and complex tasks in their work day.

As smart bots, apps and data learning change the way in which life sciences organizations interact with customers, the demand is high for tech-savvy clinical project managers and software engineers to work within this sector.

Expanding Research Boundaries

Recent technology breakthroughs have enabled scientists to further push back science’s boundaries. CAR-T therapy is just one new development to be released into the marketplace – a treatment for cancer that harnesses, then adapts the patient’s own T-cells so they can combat tumours more effectively. Pharma companies all over the world are now striving to be the first to offer new treatments and this ensures the field is not only highly competitive but also rapidly growing.

Personalized medicine has become more prevalent thanks to the arrival of machine learning that can analyse a vast amount of data to create tailored treatments for each patient. The IoT has created a new way to track and treat patients in the long-term and with innovations such as 3D printing and gene therapy taking the centre stage, research technicians and forward-thinking biotechnology specialists are required.

A Changing Market

The structure of the life sciences marketplace has also begun to evolve and change. For many years, clinical research organizations have had a low ranking in the market but now, things are on the move. The CRO market is set to be worth over £51 billion within the next four years as smaller companies are now benefiting from big pharma’s drive to cut costs and to outsource trials, which has led to heavy investment in the expansion of their research and development capabilities. Talented staff are needed to play an integral role in this respect.

What Does This Mean For Jobseekers In The Sector?

If you’re a life science professional who is ready to embark on your career, or make your next career move, there has never been a better time to look for the perfect role in this sector. The opportunities for progression are virtually endless, and for those who are looking for an entry level position after qualifying, there are lots of positions available for those who are just starting out.

The current recruitment drive within the life sciences industry has led to an enormous demand for trained, experienced and skilled professionals, so if you’re excited about what the future holds when it comes to hiring in the sector, you should contact Xplore Life Sciences today.

We’re a recruitment consultancy that specializes in the life sciences sector, helping professionals at all stages of their career to find the role of their dreams. Whatever your requirements, interests and experience, we can assist you to find the ideal post with a company that is a great fit.

Give our dedicated life sciences recruitment team a call today, send us your resume and you could soon be on your way to finding your ideal job. With such a wealth of opportunities available, the time is right to seek out our expert advice and guidance.

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