What Does A Candidate-Led Market Mean For Your Life Science Business?

What Does A Candidate-Led Market Mean For Your Life Science Business?

For those unaware, a candidate-led market is essentially when there are less qualified individuals running for one position. This means that the employer only has a choice of a few candidates. There are both downsides and upsides to this form of market. But what does it mean for your life science business?

A life science business requires qualified individuals of a certain calibre. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your candidate-led market still utilises the best and brightest in the field. Before recruiting via a candidate-led market, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

Experience Is Not Everything

When it comes to the life-science industry experience is not the be-all and end-all. While it helps to have at least some form of experience in the field of life science, employers should not make this the complete focus of recruitment. Instead, an employer should look at the candidate on the whole. Just because a candidate does not have a decade’s worth of experience in the industry it does not mean that they are not perfectly suited to the job in every other regard.

An employer should work closely with their candidates and discuss what each one can bring to the table. As long as the candidate is qualified for the job, they are more than worth taking a look at. In the end, you may end up with an excellent employee that simply needs a week’s training. Looking past a candidate’s experience will open up the employee search quite significantly.

Tailor Your Advertising

Advertising your job is a great way to get the word out about your business, but simply putting out any advert will not be enough. If you are trying to receive the greatest number of candidates, then you should post your advert wherever you possibly can. Using social media will bring in a wide range of people. Alternatively, if you wish to find candidates of a specific nature, with a specific set of skills, then you will need to tailor your advertisement accordingly.

Get To Know The Candidates

Perhaps the most important thing to do when working with a candidate-ed market is to get to know each candidate. Where you can, you should have a lengthy discussion with each person up for the job. You should discuss the individual’s motivations, their aspirations, and their qualifications. As we all know, a person is more than just their CV or resume. Getting to know a candidate on a more personal level will allow you to easily envision how they will fit in with your business structure.

Similarly, getting to know an individual candidate on a more personal level will also help to make your company stand out more to the candidate. Quite often in a candidate-led market, it is up to the business and employer to grab the attention of the employee, not the other way around. So, getting to know each candidate personally will help to keep that candidate interested in your position.

Choose A Recruitment Model That Fits Your Business

Choosing the right recruitment for your particular business can be a deceptively difficult task. It is no longer enough just to put an ad in the paper and have lines of candidates queueing outside your door. Instead, a business must know exactly what they want from the recruitment process and must choose the recruitment model that best delivers upon those. For example, if you wish to put a structured interview in place then you must choose a model that allows for this. Interviews, assessments, feedback, headhunting, and time management are all things that a business needs to be aware of when it comes to recruiting.

It’s Your Job To Stand Out

As previously mentioned above, in a candidate-led market it is the business’ responsibility to capture the attention of the candidate. While it is true that the candidate still needs to impress the business and the employer to be considered for the position, it is largely down to the business to seal the deal, as it were. There are several ways in which a business can do this.
As previously mentioned, a business can get to know each candidate on a more personal level. By finding out what motivates a candidate, the business can adapt their recruitment process accordingly. Additionally, a business can make their work environment look like one that a new employee would feel truly comfortable in.

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